Doggie Day Care


Dogs that interact well with other dogs are generally happier and less likely to suffer from stress and anxiety. Playtime with their own kind is sheer joy for most dogs, and something we as humans, cannot duplicate.

Attention and Exercise

Doggie Day Care can greatly improve the quality of life for both you and your pet. Dogs who are left alone all day while their owners are at work often develop separation anxiety and/or behavioral issues. Regular exercise is just as important as a good diet (no matter the breed or size) for optimum health.


Taking your pet to a dog park can be great fun, but also can be dangerous, as all too often dog fights occur. Owner operator of Cozy Canine, Sharon Dunn, is a Certified Dog Trainer, with 10+ years experience safely managing large groups of dogs. She personally supervises play time, stepping in when needed to prevent any mishaps.

Registration Forms

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